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Hydraulic Magnetic DIN Rail Circuit Breaker


Carling Technologies' D-Series hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers are similar to the C-Series circuit breakers, but designed for snap-on-back panel rail mounting on either a 35mm X 7.5mm, or a 35mm x 15mm Symmetrical Din Rail. This design allows rapid and simple mounting and removal of the breaker. It features recessed, wire-ready, touch-proof, shock resistant terminals, suitable for automatic screwdriver assembly, as well as "Dead Front" construction characteristics. Available with several actuator styles including the exclusive Visi-Rocker two color actuator.

1-4 poles; ratings from: 0.02-50 amps, up to 480VAC or 65VDC; UL recognized, CSA, VDE-4006

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UL recognized, CSA, VDE -4006

Number of Poles

1-4 poles (handle actuators)
1-3 poles (rocker actuators)

Available Delays

Instant, Ultra-Short, Short, Medium, Long (motor loads), AC,DC, AC/DC; High Inrush - Short, Medium, Long

Maximum Current and Voltage Ratings

0.02-50A @ 277VAC, 65VDC
0.02-30A @ 480WYE/277VAC, 2 pole 1 phase,
3 pole 3 phase

Maximum Interrupting Capacity

1,500A @ 65VDC, 250VAC (VDE only)
5,000A @ 65 VDC
5,000A @ 480WYE/277VAC w/fuse back up
3,000A @ 125/250VAC (UL only)

Auxiliary Switch Ratings


Available Circuits

Series, Switch Only, Series w/Remote Shutdown

Actuator Style

Solid Color Curved Rocker (1 per unit)
Two Color Visi-Rocker (1 per unit)
Handle (1 per pole or 1 per unit)

Terminal Options

Recessed wire-ready, pressure plate type screw terminals

Mounting Method

Rear Mounted on DIN Rail or Front Panel Mounted

Value Added

Custom actuator colors
Non-standard current ratings



Industrial Controls
Renewable Energy Systems

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