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Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker


Carling Technologies' E-Series hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers are ideally suited for higher current and voltage applications. They offer front and back mounting, screw and stud terminals, and heavy-duty box wire connectors for solid wire or a pressure plate connector for standard wire. A Power Selector device is also available. Certified as a supplementary protector and as a manual motor controller.

1- 6 poles; ratings from .1-100 amps, up to 600VAC or 125VDC; UL listed, UL recognized, CSA and VDE certified.

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UL recognized, UL Listed, CSA, VDE

Number of Poles

1-6 poles

Available Delays

Instant, Short, Medium, Long (motor loads), Hi-Inrush, AC or DC

Maximum Current and Voltage Ratings

UL Listed:
.10-100A @ 240VAC, 125VDC
UL Recognized:
0.02-100A @ 277VAC, 125VDC, 1 pole
0.02-100A @ 600VAC, 2 pole 1 phase, 3 pole 3 phase

Maximum Interrupting Capacity

5,000A @ 125VDC
5,000A @ 277VAC
10,000A @ 600VAC w/fuse back up

Auxiliary Switch Ratings

10.1A @ 250VAC
0.1A @ 125VAC (gold contacts)
5A @ 30VDC

Available Circuits

Series, Shunt, Relay, Switch Only, Series w/Remote Shutdown

Actuator Style

Handle (1 per pole)

Terminal Options

10-32 Studs
10-32 Screw
1/4-20 Studs
1/4-20 Screw
Box Wire Connector
Box Wire Connector w/pressure plate
Combinations of above for line/load requirements

Mounting Method

Rear Mounted or Front Panel Mounted

Value Added

Custom actuator colors
Non-standard current ratings



Ideal for higher current and voltage applications
Renewable Energy Systems
Industrial Controls
Commercial HVAC
EV Charging Systems

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