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Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker


Carling Technologies' H-Series hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers provide maximum and dependable circuit protection in a cost effective, compact solution. By meeting IEC spacing requirements, the H-Series is the ideal choice for international market applications. H-Series breakers feature a “trip-free” mechanism which will open the contacts when a fault condition occurs, even if the handle is held in the ON position.

1-3 poles; 1-35 amps up to 65VDC, 80VDC, 250VAC; UL recognized, CSA accepted, TUV & CCC certified.

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UL 1077 recognized
CSA accepted
CCC certified
TUV certified

Number of Poles

1-3 poles

Available Delays

AC & DC Instantaneous, Ultra-Short, Short, Medium, Long
AC & DC High Inrush - Short, Medium, Long

Maximum Current and Voltage Ratings

0.1-35A @ 65VDC
0.1-25A @ 80VDC
26-35A @ 80VDC (polarity sensitive)
0.1-35A @ 250VAC
0.1-35A @ 250VAC 80VDC

Maximum Interrupting Capacity

UL Recognized, CSA certified:
3,000A @ 65VDC
1,000A @ 80VDC
1500A @ 250 VAC

1500A (PC1) @ 65VDC
1000A (PC1) @ 80VDC
1000A (PC1) @ 250 VAC

Auxiliary Switch Ratings

1.0A @ 65VDC
0.5A @ 80VDC
0.1A @ 125VAC (gold contacts)

Available Circuits

Series Trip
Switch Only
Relay Trip

Actuator Style

Solid Color Curved Rocker (1 per unit)
Solid Color Curved Rocker with Guard (1 per unit)
Solid Color Handle (1 per unit)
Solid Color Flat with Push-to-Reset (1 per unit)

Terminal Options

.250 QC Tabs
8-32 Screw with upturned lugs
8-32 Screw (bus type)
M4 Screw with upturned lugs
M4 Screw (bus type)
Printed Circuit Board Terminals,  90° facing left
Printed Circuit Board Terminals,  90°facing right
Printed Circuit Board Terminals,  straight
Printed Circuit Board Terminals,  straight long

Mounting Method

Front Panel

Value Added

Custom actuator colors
Non-standard amp ratings
and more



Telecom/Datacom Industry

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