Does Carling Technologies carry stock?

Does Carling Technologies provide consumer replacement parts?

What is lead time on your products?

What are your typical shipping in-transit times within North America?

Can I order directly from Carling Technologies?

Is Carling Technologies ISO and TS certified?

What is Carling Technologies' Warranty Policy?

What is Carling Technologies' environmental policy?

What is Carling's RoHS statement?


Switch FAQ's

Is this a Carling Technologies part number...?

I need to identify a Carling Technologies' part number for a switch I have in my hand, can you help?

Can I purchase a replacement switch directly from you?

What is your switch lead time?

What DC current and voltage will an AC rated switch handle?

Does Carling Technologies offer high amperage power switches?

My application has special switch requirements which fall outside your standard switch offerings, can you provide a solution?

What is the electrical life of a Carling Technologies illuminated switch bulb?

What are the typical transportation switch circiuts?

What is the current draw on your LED's? Incandescent?

What is the operating temperature range of your switches?

Do you have 3-D AutoCAD, DWG, DXF, or IGES files of your switches available?

I have a Carling switch part number that has an "X" in it. What does the "X" indicate?

What does IP68 mean?

I have a switch application where the environment is particularly harsh. What do you suggest?

What type of illumination is best for transportation applications?

On what type of voltages can your Contura and L-Series switches be used?

Do you offer actuator guards for your switches to prevent accidental activation?


Circuit Protection FAQs

My application has special circuit protection requirements that fall outside of your standard circuit breaker offerings, can you provide a solution?

What is your circuit breaker lead time?

What is the operating temperature range for Carling Technologies circuit breakers?

Do you offer circuit breakers with a guard to prevent accidental actuation?

What is the difference between UL489 listing and UL1077 recognition?

Do you offer Ground Fault (GFCI) circuit breakers?

I have an application that requires circuit protection in a gaseous environment, do you have anything I can use?

I have a Carling circuit breaker part number that has an "X" in it. What does the "X" indicate?

What is the expected mechanical life of a Carling circuit breaker?

Are 3-D AutoCAD, DWG, DXF, or IGES files of your circuit breakers available?

Do you offer a "waterproof" or "water resistant" circuit breaker?

Does Carling offer 400Hz circuit breakers?


Product Selector FAQs

What happens when I select the "Must Have" box in the Product Selector?

I don't see a feature that I require as a choice in the Product Selector. How do I find the right catalog number?

Can I view a list of suggested part numbers in Product Selector based on my selections?

Does the suggested part number list represent all of Carling's available part numbers for a particular series?

In Product Selector, when I select "no preferences" for all the options, I see fewer suggested part numbers than when I select some preferences. Why?

What does text displayed in red mean?


Configurit FAQs

I know I've entered a valid Carling catalog number in the Search by Part Number screen, but it's telling me I haven't. Why?

How do I obtain a Configurit User Name and Password?

I've forgotten my Configurit User Name and Password, what do I do?

I logged in as an authorized Carling Technologies' distributor, however when I configure a catalog number I do not receive a list price.

Using Configurit, can I search on a partial catalog number?