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Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker


Carling Technologies' M-Series is a miniature, hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker, which features a compact, space saving design, front panel snap-in mounting and a vertically mounted parallel pole configuration. It offers various styling options for design flexibility. Actuator options include rocker, illuminated rocker, paddle and baton style handles, push-to-reset and push-pull pushbuttons, as well as the two-color Visi-Rocker. Available with over 16 different time delays, 5 terminal styles, a variety of panel hardware, various colors, and legend imprinting. Our exclusive Rockerguard bezel helps prevent inadvertent actuation and a wiping contact mechanism assures long-term reliability.

1, 2 or parallel poles; ratings: 0.02 to 50 amp ratings, up to 125/250VAC or 80VDC; UL recognized, CSA, VDE, TUV, UL489A Listed.

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  • M-Series Miniature Circuit Breaker.
M-Series Miniature Circuit Breaker.



UL recognized, CSA, VDE, TUV, UL489A Listed (Telecom)

Number of Poles

1 & 2 poles

Available Delays

Instant, Short, Medium - AC/DC, Hi-Inrush

Maximum Current and Voltage Ratings

0.02-15FLA, 32VDC, 125VAC, 1 pole
15.1-25GPA, 32VDC, 125VAC, 1-pole
0.02-15FLA, 65VDC, 250VAC, 2-pole
15.1-25GPA, 65VDC, 250VAC, 2-pole
0.02-12FLA, 250VAC, 1-pole
0.02-7.5GPA, 50VDC, 1-pole
0.02-30GPA, 65VDC, 80VDC, 1 pole

Maximum Interrupting Capacity

1,000A @ 65VDC, 2-pole
1,000A @ 32VDC, 1-pole
1,000A @ 250VAC, 2-pole
1,000A @ 125VAC, 1-pole
600A @ 80VDC

Auxiliary Switch Ratings

7A @ 250VAC
0.1A @ 125VAC (gold contacts)
7A (Res.) @ 28VDC
4A (Ind.) @ 28VDC
0.25A @ 80VDC

Available Circuits

Series and Switch Only

Actuator Style

Solid Color Angled Rocker
Solid Color Flat Rocker
Two Color Visi-Rocker
Illuminated Angled Rocker
Illuminated Flat Rocker
Solid Color Paddle
Solid Color Baton
Solid Color Push-to-Reset Pushbutton
Solid Color Push-Pull Pushbutton

Terminal Options

.250 QC Tabs
8-32 Screw w/ Upturned Lugs
8-32 Screw (Bus Type)
Push in Stud Terminals

Mounting Method

Snap-in Front Panel

Value Added

Custom colors
Non-standard current ratings
Panel hole plug available
Amp markings for pushbutton actuators
and more



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