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Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker


Carling Technologies’ high-performance N-Series hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker is ideally suited for the rigors and confined spaces of telecom and datacom power distribution units and rack systems. Its innovative, low profile design features easily accessible load and line terminals and sliding barriers for effortless installation. With the integration of an optional current transformer, the N-Series is capable of sensing current down to a level of 1%. This optional capability provides precise current monitoring and reporting required for back billing of the actual power consumed by datacenter storage and routing devices. This feature also facilitates load adjustments and maximizes efficiency.

A patent pending, flush-rocker actuator and push-to-reset guard offer additional protection against accidental switching.

Number of Poles: 1-2 ; ratings: 1-30 amps up to 240 VAC, 277 VAC, 120/240 VAC; 22,000 Amps Max Interrupting Capacity; UL489 Compliant Sliding Terminal Barriers; EN60947-2 Certified.

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UL489 Listed
TUV Certified

Number of Poles

1-2 Poles

Available Delays

AC 50/60Hz Ultra-Short, Short, Medium, Long
High Inrush Short, High Inrush Medium, High Inrush Long

Maximum Current and Voltage Ratings

1-30A @ 120/240VAC
1-20A @ 277VAC

Maximum Interrupting Capacity

10,000 AIC
22,000 AIC single pole up to 20A

Auxiliary Swich Ratings


Available Circuits

Series Trip

Current Metering

Available with or without integrated current transformer

Actuator Style

Flush Rocker
Flush Rocker with Push-to-Reset Guard

Terminal Options

Screw Terminal with sliding terminal barriers

Mounting Method

Front Panel

Value Added

Optional Current Monitor
Custom actuator colors
Non-standard amp ratings
and more



Power Distribution Units
Data Servers
Data Storage

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