Switch Custom Solutions

Carling Technologies’ custom switch capabilities range from adding simple wire leads, boots, or FQC terminals to standard product, all the way to proprietary designs for new actuators or ground-up switch creation. Whatever your need, Carling Technologies has the solution.

Fully Sealed, Three-Point Hitch Control Switch

When durability and operator safety are a must, look no further than Carling Technologies. This dry circuit, fully sealed, illuminated rocker switch interfaces with your electronic control to safely and efficiently raise and lower any agricultural implement. Use elements of this product (integrated multi-conductor leads, epoxy sealed base, custom molded boot) for your application where protection against harsh environment is a must.

Turn Signal Lever

From golf carts to compact construction equipment, our turn lever features all of the environmental protection or our V-Series Contura rocker switches with the functionality of an intuitive lever, critical for hands-on operator control. This control product features all of the circuit flexibility of our revolutionary Contura line, with the styling suitable to integrate into any dash panel design.


The LMR-Series mirror rotate control, another extension of the L-Series family of electromechanical switches, provides the ability to control both driver and passenger side mirrors, using joystick action in four directions. It provides up/down and left/right positioning. The reliable, compact design incorporates sliding contacts and a circuit board, which are protected from dust and moisture by an internal boot.

The compact LMR-Series mirror rotate control fits into an industry standard mounting hole, easily integrating into any dashboard panel.

Cruise Control

The cruise control assembly digitally communicates with the VECU to provide the proper signal when the operator presses a button on one of the controls. The left control includes acceleration and deceleration, while the right control panel includes the OFF/ON and Resume buttons.

This product withstands temperatures from -40°C to +80°C, relative humidity up to 95%, condensation, direct sunlight, and mechanical vibrations. The two controls are housed in an integrated assembly to minimize wiring. The expert design integrates seamlessly with the vehicle steering and wheel styling and is designed to meet customer-specific requirements for safety and ease of accurate assembly. Carling engineers will work with you and your vehicle design team to develop a customized cruise control solution for your specific needs.

Horn Control

The horn control is housed in an integrated assembly to minimize wiring and provides a flexible, yet durable actuator cover to endure exponential presses. It withstands temperatures from -40°C to +80°C, relative humidity up to 95%, condensation, direct sunlight, and mechanical vibrations, and was designed as a cost-effective alternative to traditional horn controls. This rugged control has an operating voltage of 12 to 14VDC.

Light Control Module

The light control module is a multifunctional package that encompasses four critical controls within one easy-to-install, space saving unit. Controls include a high-current rotary switch, which controls parking lights and headlights; a push-pull feature on the switch to operate fog lights; and adjacent high-current thumbwheel dimmer switch to select the desired brightness for dash lighting; and an additional miniature rocker switch for auxiliary high-current lighting functions.

The light control module is a compact, sleek, operator friendly, cost effective module. The rugged high-current switch design allows high-current loads to be handled without the previously required costly relays in the switch circuit. The snap-in design and integrated keyed connector make installation easy, and the compact design uses little valuable dashboard space.

HVAC Motor Controller

The HVAC motor controller efficiently controls heating and ventilation and interfaces with the vehicle’s VECU to adjust the speed of the HVAC blower motor. There are two connections in the controller, one to the load through the harness and another to the VECU. The signal from the VECU controls the motor speed and creates a soft start that will suppress any inrush during the motor’s start up.

The HVAC motor controller operates at 12 or 24V and drives DC motors up to 30A. It provides over-voltage protection, up to 100V for two minutes, meeting automotive requirements for EMC, vibration and shock. These features help extend the life of the HVAC unit and prevent the nuisance blowing of fuses or circuit breakers. The HVAC controller is sealed to IP68, to protect it from the extreme environmental conditions subject to the blower housing. The HVAC motor controller is compact and uses fewer components and connections than traditional motor control devices.