Circuit Protection Custom Solutions

Though Carling offers a wide range of standardized circuit protection products, there are times an application requires something more. In those instances, from concept to design to manufacturing, you can count on Carling Technologies for your custom circuit protection solutions.

Concept Development

Carling Technologies’ Engineering Team will meet with you to discuss the specific application requirements and the product performance needs in order to develop a tailored custom solution concept. Such solutions can range from developing new actuators, new mounting brackets, alternative terminal configurations… to complete and extensive product designs dedicated to the application.

Design and Tooling

After the concept phase, Carling will begin the actual design and tooling phase utilizing the most advance CAD/CAM software available. The Carling Technologies Development Team can evaluate multiple design alternatives as well as develop products, tooling and manufacturing processes concurrently. The result is functionally superior, aesthetically pleasing products-produced faster and at a lower cost.


Finally, Carling Technologies test lab will validate the custom solution ensuring it meets the application’s requirements and the customer’s expectations. Carling Technologies’ test lab can also perform application specific environmental, shock vibration and electrical testing on any of its standard circuit protection products.