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Multiplexed CAN/LIN Switching System


The CM-Series multiplexed, switching system features a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Switch Module and a CAN/LIN Controller Module.

The switch module includes a carrier that accommodates up to three uniquely identifiable switches and rheostats (switch nodes). The carrier also features two LIN connectors, one that connects to the controller module and one that allows for daisy-chaining to other switch modules. When daisy-chained, 1 LIN Bus can accommodate up to 15 switching functions. The switch module also permits individual hardwired two-pole switches, which provide status feedback through the controller module allowing the CM-Series system to be used as a combination of LIN and directly controlled loads.

The switch nodes can be configured in various circuit functions and with standard or locking actuators, which can be laser etched on up to three locations. Illumination options include backlights and function lights, all controlled by the LIN protocol network. Each of the switch nodes can be removed or replaced simplifying service and reassignments of functions and locations.

The controller module acts as the CAN network interface to the system ECU (not provided) and the LIN switches. It accommodates up to 3 LIN buses for a total of 45 switch functions in one system.

Combined, these design and technical features make the CAN/LIN CM-Series switching system a versatile and flexible option that reduces wire harnessing and vehicle weight while providing new switching technology to meet commercial vehicle design demands.

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Operating Voltage

Controller module = 9 to 32VDC

Hardwire (HW) Switch = 5 to 32VDC

Electrical Rating

HW Switch = 5mA to 10A at 24VDC

Switch Circuits

2-position maintained, 2-position momentary, 3-position maintained, 3-position momentary, 3-position maintained-momentary, 3-position momentary-maintained, locking


Switch can have up to 2 backlit laser marked icons. Switch can have 1 center function bar/light Rheostat has 1 backlit laser marked icon. 5 color choices for backlight and function lights – red, orange/amber, green, blue, white. Backlight and function light illumination control via LIN

CAN Baud Rate

250 kbps

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +70°C


ISO 16750-3, Test VIII, 32 hours per plane

Chemical Resistance

IEC 60068-2-74 condition A – gasoline, diesel, denatured alcohol, mineral oil, motor oil, brake fluid, ethylene glycol, Armor All, Windex

Electrical Endurance

LIN Switch = 80k operations, resistive load 25uA, 24 VDC

HW Switch = 80k operations, resistive load 10mA, 24 VDC

HW Switch = 80k operations, resistive load 10A, 24VDC

HW Switch = 100k operations, inductive load 10A, 24 VDC

HW Switch = 100k operations, electronics load 5mA, 24 VDC

Rheostat = 10k cycles

Thermal Shock

IEC 6008-2-14 test Na, -40°C to +70°C, 20 cycles, 2-hour exposure

EMC – Conducted

ISO 7637-2 pulse 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, starting profile, load dump A, load dump B, super imposed alternating voltage, slow increase/decrease of supply voltage, momentary drop in supply voltage, reset behavior at voltage drop. ISO 7637-2 transient immunity on supply lines pulses 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4. ISO 7637-3 transient immunity on signal leads. Frequency emission on power supply and signal leads from 0.15 to 108 MHz.

EMC – Radiated

BCI per ISO 11452-4 at 100mA

Broadband radiated emissions per ECE-R10 annex 7

Narrowband radiated emissions per ECE-R10 annex 8


Commercial Vehicles
Construction Equipment
Agricultural Equipment
Work Trucks
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