Switch Type


Carling Technologies offers three categories of switch sizes: Subminiature, Miniature, and Full-sized. Mounting hole dimensions determine the category to which a switch is assigned.


Subminiature switches are rocker/paddle actuated switches that use a mounting hole dimension of .756 inches (19.2mm) in length or less.

The most standard mounting hole dimension for subminiature switches is .508" x .756" (12.9mm x 19.2mm), which include the 611/621-Series, 622/632-Series, and the 651/652-Series rocker switches. The 610/620-Series is also a subminiature rocker switch with a mounting hole dimension of .515" x .625" (13.08mm x 15.87mm).


Miniature switches are rocker actuated switches with mounting hole length ranges from 1.072" to 1.182" (27.23mm to 30mm).

Though exact dimensions are dependent on panel thickness, typical miniature switch mounting hole dimensions include:

  • .480" x 1.072" (12.19mm x 27.23mm) for the R-Series, LR-Series, and RSC-Series switches
  • .866" x 1.182" (22mm x 30mm) for the RGSC-Series and LRGSC-Series switches
  • .550" x 1.125" (13.97mm x 28.57mm) for the T-Series and LTA-Series switches
  • 1.00" x 1.125" (25.40mm x 28.57mm) for the TG/LTG-Series, TTG-Series, and TLG Series switches


Full-sized switches include rocker, pushbutton, and toggle actuated switches, as well as rotary switches.

Full-sized rocker switches have a mounting hole length of 1.450" (36.83mm) or greater. The most standard full-sized rocker switch mounting hole dimension is .830" x 1.45" (21.08mm x 36.83mm). Full-sized rocker switches with this dimension include V-Series Contura II & III, V-Series Contura IV & V, V-Series Contura X & XI, V-Series Contura XII, J-Series, TIL, TIG, TIH, TII-Series, LS-Series, LTIL-Series, LTIG-Series, and LTIH-Series.

The L-Series rocker switch is also full-sized with a mounting dimension of .867" x 1.734" (22mm x 44mm).

All Carling Technologies' toggle switches are categorized as full-sized. The standard bushing style mounting hole is .500" in diameter (12.0mm). These switches include the F-Series, G-Series, H-Series, I-Series, LT-Series, C-Series, D-Series, 110/216-Series, and DK/EK-Series toggle switches.

Carling also offers the full-sized, high temperature, phenolic MAAOA/215-Series toggle switch which fits a .656" x 1.218" (16.66mm x 30.94mm) mounting hole opening.

All Carling Technologies' pushbutton switches are also considered full-sized. The standard bushing style mounting hole is .500" in diameter (12.0mm). These switches include the PP Series, P Series, 16-3P Series, 170/72 Series, P26 Series, P27 Series, 110/316-P Series, and 641 Series pushbutton switches.

Carling also offers full-sized rotary switches. The R135-Series rotary switch fits a .500" (12.70mm) diameter mounting hole. The 700-Series and the 800-Series fit a .468" (11.88mm) diameter mounting hole.

Sealed Switches

Carling Technologies offers a variety of sealed rocker and toggle switches, ranging from dust and moisture resistant to IP68 certified.

The majority of Carling's toggle switches offer dust and moisture resistance if configured with the neoprene seal option. With this option, a neoprene seal is placed within the switch's bushing, at the base of the toggle stem. Such sealing provides resistance to dusty environments and to moisture such as mist. This type of sealing, however, is neither dust-tight or watertight.

Carling also offers water shedding/splash-proof rocker switches with the TIG, LTIL, and LTIG-Series. These switches can be configured with a water-shedding bracket that provides an O-ring seal at the base of the actuator stem. The water shedding option is also available with an external panel seal that fits under the bezel, and with a bezel weep-hole option that allows moisture to drain.

These series of switches also offer a Marine Bracket option for an even higher level of splash protection. This bracketing option provides all the same protections as the water-shedding bracket, with additional safeguards including dummy rivets at all open terminal holes, a base seal between the switch bezel and base, and syntech grease to retard internal corrosion. Marine Bracketed switches provide the highest level of dust and water protection without having IP certification.

Carling Technologies' L-Series of rocker switches provide IP67 certified protection. This certification represents an index of protection as applied to electrical equipment in accordance with IEC 529, BS 5490, DIN 400 50 & NFC 20 010 standards. The IP67 certification applies to exposed front panel components of actuator, bracket, etc., and signifies complete protection against dust, and protection against temporary immersion.

Carling's Contura Series of switches provide its highest level of sealing protection with IP66 and IP68 Certification. The sealed versions of the V-Series II & III, V-Series IV & V, V-Series X & XI, and V-Series XII have been tested to an IP68 rating which applies to front panel components and signifies complete protection against dust and the prolonged effects of immersion under pressure. The standard test for immersion under pressure requires submersion under one meter of water for 30 minutes. V-Series switches have exceeded these parameters, having been actuated and illuminated during submersion. V Series sealed switches with the optional panel gasket will also meet IP67 ratings.

All V-Series switches with sealed construction also meet the construction requirements of UL 1500/ISO 8846 for ignition protection, in addition to conformance with EC directive 94/25/EC for marine products.

Mechanical and Environmental Specifications Available

On line PDF files are available for detailed mechanical and environmental specifications including corrosion, vibration, shock, salt spray, dust, thermal shock and moisture resistance on V-Series and L-Series rocker switches. Simply go to the product page of a specific series on this web site and click on the PDF icon.