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Carling Technologies Partners with Palladium Technologies



Carling Technologies, Inc. and Palladium Technologies have partnered to provide the mega-yacht and cruise ship industries with a comprehensive digital circuit protection monitoring and control system. Since 1991, Palladium has been providing leading edge technologies that meet ship owners’ requirements with thoroughness, quality, elegance and style. Palladium Technologies now incorporates Carling’s digitally controlled and monitored AC and DC circuit protection products – those included in Carling’s OctoPlex® system – within Palladium’s advanced Titan Power System. The dependability of Carling’s OctoPlex distributed power products has been proven during ten years of supplying generation I, and current generation II, OctoPlex systems to premier yacht and sportfish vessel builders. The Titan distributed power platform will provide complete remote visibility and control of all downline circuit breakers, which may number in multiple thousands, with power consumption analysis, remote circuit breaker trip indication, and remote circuit breaker control.

Aside from the advantages of instantaneous circuit monitoring, with remote individual breaker trip alert and subsequent control capability, installation of the Titan distributed power system will provide substantial weight and cost savings as compared to traditional power installations requiring lengthy ‘home run’ cabling to central breaker panels. Carling and Palladium are truly pleased to be able to introduce and provide the revolutionary Titan Distributed Power System to the mega-yacht and cruise ship industries.