RAIL Signaling & Infrastructure

Circuit Protection

With years of design and manufacturing experience,

Carling Technologies offers a complete line of hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers offering maximum circuit protection for signaling and infrastructures in the railway industry. With over nine decades of product development and manufacturing experience, our products are ideally suited for applications with the most stringent requirements.

ADVANTAGES: Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Protection

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers provide significant advantages when compared to thermal circuit breakers.

  • Not affected by extreme temperatures
  • The overcurrent sensing mechanism reacts only to changes of current in the circuit being protected
  • No heat induced tripping and no cool down necessary for resetting
  • Common trip linkage assures all poles trip during overcurrent conditions
  • Ratings of .02 to 700 amps up to 125VDC & 600VAC

Compact and ideal for full load amp applications.
  • 1-6 Poles
  • Ratings: 0.02-50A, up to 80VDC, 250VAC
  • UL489, UL1077, TUV, VDE & CSA

Ideal for high amperage and voltage applications.
  • 1-6 Poles
  • Ratings: 0.02-250A, up to 150VDC, 480VAC
  • UL489, UL1077, CSA, VDE-0642 & TUV

DIN rail mounted breaker accommodates 35mm x (7.5mm or 15mm) din rails.
  • 1-4 Poles
  • Ratings: 0.02-63A, up to 125VDC, 480VAC
  • Meets IEC spacing requirements
  • UL489, UL1077, CSA & TUV

Ideal for high current and high voltage applications. Certified as a supplementary protector and as a manual motor controller.
  • 1-6 Poles
  • Ratings: .1-100A, up to 125VDC, 600VAC
  • UL489, UL1077, CSA & VDE

Ideal for high amperage, high current and critical applications having inductive loads under extreme temperature conditions.
  • 1-3 Poles
  • Ratings: 100-700A, up to 125VDC, 277VAC
  • UL489, CUL Certified & TUV