HVAC Motor Controller

The HVAC motor controller efficiently controls heating and ventilation and interfaces with the vehicle’s VECU to adjust the speed of the HVAC blower motor. There are two connections in the controller, one to the load through the harness and another to the VECU. The signal from the VECU controls the motor speed and creates a soft start that will suppress any inrush during the motor’s start up.

The HVAC motor controller operates at 12 or 24V and drives DC motors up to 30A. It provides over-voltage protection, up to 100V for two minutes, meeting automotive requirements for EMC, vibration and shock. These features help extend the life of the HVAC unit and prevent the nuisance blowing of fuses or circuit breakers. The HVAC controller is sealed to IP68, to protect it from the extreme environmental conditions subject to the blower housing. The HVAC motor controller is compact and uses fewer components and connections than traditional motor control devices.