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Sealed Rocker Switches


The L-Series snap-in rocker switches offer countless unique options including choices for ratings, colors, illuminations and laser etched legends. These single or double pole switches feature a broad choice of actuator styles, colors, and lenses. Neatly proportioned, the L-Series rocker switch fits into industry standard mounting holes of 1/734' x .867 & and 44.0mm x 22.0mm. Twelve terminals offer an extensive range of switch and lamp circuit options, including LED or incandescent illumination. An optional plug-in terminal connector enables pre-wiring of wire harness.

The L-Series switches, with sealed front panel components, are IP67 certified, and able to withstand temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. These switches are vibration, shock, thermoshock, moisture and salt spray resistant.

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Number of Poles

1-2 pole


.4VA @ 28VDC Resistive
10A 250VAC
15A 125VAC
No Agency Listings
15A 12V
15A 24V
20A 18V
20A 12V
20A 6V
20A 3V

Dielectric Strength

1250V RMS opposite polarity
3750V RMS between live parts and operator accessible surface

Insulation Resistance

50 megohms (minimum)

Base Material


Actuator Style

Convex rocker
Illuminated convex rocker with large lens
Illuminated convex rocker with bar lens(es)
Illuminated convex rocker with combination large and bar lenses
Convex locking rocker with or without lens

Actuator Material

Lens - Polycarbonate
Actuator - Nylon 66 reinforced
Laser etching with polycarbonate actuator

Terminal Options

.250 QC Tabs
.187 QC Tabs

Mounting Method


Mounting Hole Dimensions

.867" x 1.734"; 22mm x 44mm

Value Added

Custom colors and legends available
Progressive circuits
Optional terminal connector
Hole Plug
and more



Construction Machinery
Agricultural Equipment
On/Off Highway Transportation Equipment
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