Company History

From its founding in 1920 as Carling Tool & Machine through the evolution to manufacturing as Carlingswitch to today's Carling Technologies, a global manufacturer of Hydraulic Magnetic and Thermal Circuit Breakers, Electrical Switches and Assemblies, and Advanced Systems, including Power Distribution Units, Electronic Controls, and many Custom Design Solutions - Carling has continually forged a tradition of leadership in quality and product innovation.

Carling's founder, Arthur Carling, established the company in 1920 and, as a skilled toolmaker, first limited his work to tool and dies and special machinery. He quickly recognized the vast opportunity in the emerging electrical industry, however, and within a few years began to direct Carling Tool & Machine's expansion into this area. As a result, Carling is proud to produce functionally superior, aesthetically pleasing products faster and at lower costs. From raw material to finished product, quality is a hallmark of Carling Technologies.

From this modest beginning was forged the reputation for quality leadership in product innovation and design.

Arthur Carling was succeeded as President by his son, Arthur Richard Carling in 1948,

and then by his son-in-law, Wesley T. Sorenson in 1950.

Richard Sorenson, Sr., son of Wesley Sorenson, joined the company in 1969 and succeeded his father as President in 1975. Richard Sorenson, grandson of the founder, continues to lead the growth of Carling Technologies as President.

Carling Technologies is an acknowledged global leader in both the switch and circuit protection markets. Among successful electric/electronic component manufacturers, Carling Technologies is virtually unique in remaining independent; most other suppliers having been merged and purchased by large conglomerates. This independence gives Carling the flexibility to respond quickly and effectively to significant and emerging opportunities.

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