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Carling Technologies has four ISO registered manufacturing facilities, employs over 2200 people and enjoys a worldwide network of sales and distribution of its productions.


February 14,1920

Founder, Arthur Carling, established Carling Tool and Machine Company located in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. As a skilled toolmaker, his work was specific to tool, dies and special machinery.

Tools and Dies


Arthur Carling and Carling Tool & Machine were known for creating many tools, dies and special machinery.

First Manufactured Product


Carling Tool and Machine Company’s first manufactured product was a duster brush. This handheld brush was made for home and factory use.

Product Expansion


Carling begins engineering and manufacturing Switches.

Name Change

March 6, 1944

Due to the emerging electrical industry, Arthur Carling legally changed the name of the company to Carling Electric Inc.

President Change


Founder, Arthur Carling was succeeded as President by his son, Arthur Richard Carling.

New Location

November 1, 1950

Headquarters moves to New Park Avenue, West Hartford, CT, USA from the previous Asylum Street, Hartford location.

President Change


Arthur Richard Carling was succeeded as President by his brother-in-law, Wesley T. Sorenson.

Incorporation in Europe


Carling makes its first step towards global expansion. March 27th, 1969.

Location Expansion


Manufacturing facility opens in Matamoros, Mexico. After 9 years of operation this location moved its facility to Matahuela, Mexico in November 1978.

Location Expansion


Manufacturing facility opens in Brownsville, Texas, USA.

Name Change

March 21, 1974

Carling legally changed the name of the company to Carlingswitch Inc.

President Change


Richard Sorenson, Sr., son of Wesley Sorenson, joined the company in 1969 and succeeded his father as President in 1975. Richard Sorenson, grandson of the founder, continues to lead the growth of Carling Technologies as President.

Product Expansion


Carling begins engineering and manufacturing Circuit Breakers.

New Location


Worldwide Headquarters moves to 60 Johnson Avenue, Plainville, CT, USA from the previous West Hartford location.

New Location


Europe/Middle East/Africa Headquarters opens in Exeter, Devon, England. First parcel of land was purchased in Exeter in 1988 and the second parcel of land was purchased in 2003.

Name Change

September 1, 2000

Carling legally changed the name of the company to
Carling Technologies Inc.

4th Generation Leadership

January, 2012

Richard W. Sorenson, Jr., Executive VP, SVP North/South Americas Operations
Richard started in 10/21/2001 as Director of Strategic Markets.

Jennifer S. Buddenhagen, Executive VP, SVP Global Marketing
Jennifer started in 09/06/1999 as Director of Marketing.

Christopher T. Sorenson, Executive VP, SVP International Sales
Christopher started in 11/15/2004 as Director of International Sales.

Business Acquisition


Moritz Corporation was acquired in 2004. Integrated marine side and spun off Aerospace division in 2012.

Location Expansion


Manufacturing facility opens in Zhongshan, China.

Going Green

March, 2015

Worldwide Headquarters installs state-of-the-art Solar Photovoltaic System. It is comprised of 1,710 solar panels and is expected to produce over 630,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.