OctoPlex™ AC Power Distribution Box

The OctoPlex A2000 Series AC Power Distribution Boxes provide the boat builder with up to 8 (AC2000-8) or 16 (AC2000-16) remotely controlled hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers in one package that can be mounted virtually anywhere in the vessel.

Each AC Power Distribution Box (8 or 16 channel) is rated up to 100 amps maximum capacity. AC circuit breakers are available from 1 to 100 amps and are controlled using an external solenoid to turn them ON and an internal trip coil to turn them OFF. Each breaker can also be manually actuated. The AC Power Distribution Boxes utilize a 16 bit microprocessor that controls the ON/OFF function of each circuit breaker and provides the interface to the dual redundant CAN bus network.

The AC Power Distribution Box enclosures are made from white high-strength injection molded plastic that will provide years of protection in any environment.

Download the OctoPlex Installation & Operation Guide for detailed Information.