Product History

Carling Technologies Inc., founded in 1920 and home of the Carlingswitch brand, has a diverse line of products that serve a multitude of markets. Many of these products have become recognized standards around the globe.

Some of Carling's widely known and used switches include:

The Tippette Series of miniature and full-size rocker and paddle switches;

the Curvette Series of mid-sized snap-in rocker and paddle switches, with two-color curved VisiRocker actuator option;

and the Contura and L-Series families of sealed rocker switches, a broad range of high performance switches which have become staples in Transportation Industry

In 1978, Carling Technologies introduced its internally designed and manufactured hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker line. Since then, Carling has produced a full range of hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers that consistently out-perform the competition and offer quality performance and design complexity at economical costs.

Besides Carling's standard circuit breaker product lines, the company has gone even further in circuit protection design to meet ever-changing environmental needs with these protection products:

the M-Series breaker that meets higher current ratings in a smaller size: a miniature 25-amp hydraulic/magnetic circuit breaker with Visi-Rocker and optional Rockerguard;

the C-Series UL489 listed hydraulic/magnetic circuit breakers, which offers higher amperage and voltage handling capability in a smaller package;

Continuing its heritage of innovative design, in 1998 Carling expanded its product breadth for the Telecommunications Industry, by introducing custom designed Power Distribution Units or PDUs.

A Power Distribution Unit is a factory wired panel or enclosure that contains Carling's circuit protection and control products. A PDU is typically fed by a main electrical circuit and then divides that power into smaller branch circuits, which feed the application loads connected to it.

In 2001, Carling's eightieth anniversary, the corporate name changed from Carlingswitch to Carling Technologies in order to recognize the broadening of product offerings and the greatly increased complexity of these products. In this new millennium, Carling has continued to aggressively develop advanced switching and circuit protection products to compliment the product lines and focus on new complimentary products:

The 651/652-Seriesof shallow base sub-mini-switches, Carling's most compact miniature line of switches;

the high amperage F-Series 100-700 amp hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers;

the CMB & CLB-Series of push button thermal circuit breakers;

the Wiper/Washer Control Switch;

the M, A & C-Series circuit breaker Flat Rocker Actuator style;

and the N-Series Addressable Rocker Switch.

In 2010, Carling focused on product line development to support its Global Strategic Market portfolio, including Marine, On/Off Highway, Military, Renewable Energy and Telecom/Datacom, releasing the following innovative products:

the G-Series Din Rail Circuit Breaker;

the PB and PC-Series ELCI/GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Breakers and panel seal, both designed for the rugged military and marine environments;

the MS-Series Sealed Toggle Circuit Breaker, which is ideally suited for COTS military applications;

the CX-Series high amp/high- DC voltage Circuit Breaker, which is ideal for renewable energy and datacom technologies;

and the H-Series Circuit Breaker, a truly global application product.

Carling Technologies is continually reviewing, modifying and creating products to meet the strict requirements of customers' applications worldwide…stay tuned for more Innovative Designs and Powerful Solutions from the Carling Global Team!