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OctoPlex™ Touch Screen Display

The A1415-CE 6.5” Touch Screen Display allows the user to easily control and monitor the OctoPlex system.

The heart of the Touch Screen Display is a 500 Mhz single board computer running Windows software. The single board computer is used to interface with the dual CAN bus network to process user input and to display system status. The Touch Screen Display is well suited for use in high ambient light environments.

In addition to the dual CAN bus interface, supplementary connections are provided for an external audible alarm, external LCD backlight control and an external reset input. The configuration of the A1415-CE Touch Screen Display is accomplished using the OctoPlex Network Configuration (ONC) utility.

The Touch Screen Display comes with a convenient mounting bracket as well as a cover to keep the LCD area protected when not in use.

Download the OctoPlex Installation & Operation Guide for detailed Information.