OctoPlex™ AC Power Monitor

The OctoPlex A1770-CE AC Power Monitor allows the boat builder to monitor the voltage, current, and frequency of up to 4 single phase AC inputs or 1 three phase input in one package that can be mounted virtually anywhere in the vessel.

The AC Power Monitor utilizes four independent signal processing circuits that interface with a 16 bit microprocessor. The processed data is transmitted over the dual CAN Bus interface to the flat panel where the use can view the information.

There are three LED’s that are visible through the cover of the AC Power Monitor. The left and right LED’s indicate that there is a primary and secondary connection. The LED in the center indicates whether the AC Power Monitor is receiving power from the input connectors.

The standard AC Power Monitor page on the touch screen shows the AC voltage (RMS), current, and frequency of all four input lines. The internal temperature of the unit is also displayed. If one or more inputs are not used then the values displayed will be zero.

The enclosure of the AC Power Monitor is made from die cast aluminum and coated in a durable white powder coat finish that will provide years of protection in any environment.

Download the OctoPlex Installation & Operation Guide for detailed Information.