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Carling Technologies OctoLite

The OctoLite® distributed power control and monitoring system puts the user in control while providing greater safety and reliability in an easy to operate system. This flexible-to-configure system includes devices such as multi-function touchscreen display, configurable keypad, multiplex switch module, solid-state power controller, bypass module, and AC distributed power module. Together, these devices provide:

• Easy installation and reduced wiring complexity
• Intuitive and easy to use HMI modules
• Extensive load monitoring capabilities
• Remotely controlled AC distributed power unit
• Bypass module for manual control of the critical loads

The OctoLite system can interface with the Carling Technologies version of N2KView® software with remote monitoring capabilities for ease of use and any-time accessibility to the system status. The OctoLite System can also be used in conjunction with Garmin’s® OneHelm™ GPSMAP® 8400/8600 MFD.