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Covid-19 Update

The global coronavirus outbreak has created an unprecedented number of challenges for individuals, families, communities and companies. All of us find ourselves in a unique situation, having never experienced a health crisis of this magnitude. We hope our employees, customers, and business partners and their families are well and continue to stay safe.

We have been notified by many of our customers that their operations are considered essential during these times and they continue to need our products and support. Carling Technologies will continue to work hard to uphold our commitment to support our customers, while keeping the health and safety of our employees as our highest priority. Our Team is working continuously to ensure a safe working environment at all of our facilities. We will continue to communicate with all our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners on an ongoing basis to help ensure that all will be able to adapt to continually and rapidly changing circumstances. Our goal is for all to remain healthy, safe and secure at the end of these challenging times.


Carling Technologies, Inc.