Carling Technologies® Octoplex® System Control Now Part of The Garmin® OneHelm™ Integrated Solution for Control from a Single Display


February 14th, 2018: Garmin® International, Inc. has announced the integration of Carling Technologies’ OctoPlex® monitoring and electrical distribution control system into the Garmin OneHelm™ integrated control solution. This integration enables Garmin control screens to access and control all OctoPlex functionalities, to include: shipboard systems monitoring, onscreen monitoring and control of all AC and DC circuit breakers, easily programmed automatic AC load shedding (OctoPlex option) to prevent overloading of dockside circuit breakers and generators, lighting control, plus additional electrical componentry control as installed.

Rick Sorenson, President, Carling Technologies, Inc., comments: “Carling has been extremely pleased to have worked with Garmin to enable integration of OctoPlex control within the Garmin OneHelm solution, and is gratified that Garmin, known for innovation and product quality, has recognized the value of the OctoPlex system to the boat owner/operator. We look forward to working with our valued OctoPlex customers providing Garmin OneHelm integration.”

The Carling Technologies’ OctoPlex system provides vessel monitoring and gives the user complete status awareness and control of all distributed AC and DC loads. Utilizing NMEA 2000 CAN bus network communication, safety and reliability are paramount to the OctoPlex system and achieved through redundant architecture to negate the risk of single point failure. The OctoPlex distributed power architecture provides very significant wire and weight savings to the vessel, while increasing the efficiency in vessel construction. Field-replaceable AC and DC circuit breakers can be controlled locally or remotely, enabling the installation of electrical panels in remote, normally less accessible locations, thereby eliminating the need for long ‘home-runs’ to/from traditional large electrical panels. At the same time, OctoPlex provides the owner/operator with an enhanced level of safety by providing total awareness of the AC and DC electrical systems and breaker status. Also, additional monitoring and alerting capabilities are provided as desired for NMEA2000 marine information, such as fuel levels, fuel flow, depth, direction, position, etc., along with visual onboard camera monitoring.

Garmin OneHelm is an intuitive solution providing an ‘all-inclusive’ touchscreen vessel control capability eliminating the need for multiple dedicated control displays. It is currently available within the Garmin GPSMAP® 8400/8600 MFD series multifunction displays (MFD). To learn more, visit:

About Garmin International, Inc.: Garmin is the world’s leading marine electronics manufacturer and was recently named Manufacturer of the Year for the third consecutive year by the NMEA, an honor given to the most recognized marine electronics company for support of products in the field. Garmin’s portfolio includes some of the industry’s most sophisticated chartplotters and touchscreen multifunction displays, sonar technology, high-definition radar, autopilots, high-resolution mapping, sailing instrumentation, and other products and services that are known for innovation, reliability, and ease-of-use. 1

1 Based on Garmin’s OLATHE, Kan./Feb. 14, 2018/Business Wire press release

About Carling Technologies, Inc.: Carling Technologies, family owned and founded in 1920, is a leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic switches, circuit breakers and control systems. With production and marketing facilities worldwide, Carling is a supplier to leading manufacturers of marine vessels and components, telecommunications equipment, commercial, agricultural, and construction vehicles, and medical equipment.

By utilizing a NMEA2000® network and Garmin’s OneHelm Multi-Function Display, the OctoPlex system puts you in charge of the power functions while providing greater safety and reliability.

Provides remotely controlled hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers in one package.

Provide Electronic Circuit Breakers in one package. Mount anywhere on the vessel.
Web Server

The Web Server uses HTML5 to connect and display OctoPlex’s Software onto the Garmin MFD.

The SIU allows the user to interface with up to 34 DC signals for status information and monitoring purposes.

Monitor voltage, current, and frequency of up to four single phase AC inputs or one three phase input.

Measures DC voltage, current, and temperature. It also has a CAN Bus communication connection.