NMEA 2000® Certified Digital Switching Platform

MPower is a flexible and scalable platform designed to control DC systems using configurable keypads, switch modules and multifunction displays. Designed for small runabout vessels to large yachts and beyond, MPower simplifies installation and delivers easy, intuitive control over the increasingly complex systems found on today’s vessels. MPower connects directly to the NMEA 2000 network providing access to and compatibility with an array of sensors and instrumentation. If you are a boatbuilder, technical dealer, or a savvy DIY boat owner already familiar with Maretron’s vast monitoring & control ecosystem, MPower delivers impressive, distributed power and digital switching capabilities that integrate well with an NMEA 2000 system you likely already service or own.

For boatbuilders with the desire to create a hybrid system to control AC and DC systems, MPower® and OctoPlex® systems can be combined.