Marine Technology Group

The Carling Technologies’ Octoplex® system puts the user in complete control of all distributed AC and DC loads within the vessel. Utilizing an NMEA 2000 CAN bus network, system reliability and safety are achieved through a redundant architecture that eliminates single point failures. The OctoPlex® system offers significant weight reduction in wiring and reduced installation complexity, while also allowing for the monitoring and control of common NMEA 2000 marine devices, such as compass, GPS, tank level adapters and more. Field-replaceable AC and DC circuit breakers can be controlled remotely through the NMEA 2000 network, allowing panels to be placed in remote locations, thereby eliminating the need for large traditional electrical panels.

Through the use of a Touch Screen Display Carling Technologies has created a fully configurable and/or customizable user interface. Acting as the brain of the system, the Touch Screen Display brings the system functions, status reports and alarms directly to the user. The OctoPlex® suite of products also includes the Network Power Supply that provides power to and diagnostics for the systems redundant CAN bus, a Battery Monitor to report vital battery status and a System Monitor, which offers a generic switch status report for discrete signals such as bilge pumps, alarms, and more.