Switches & Circuit Protection

With years of design and manufacturing experience,

Carling Technologies is a leading manufacturer of switches and circuit protection products ideally suited for commercial food equipment and appliance applications. Carling's products are widely used and the most recognizable brand in the industry with unmatched quality and reliability providing solutions to major OEMs.


The V-Series Contura switches are well known for their cutting-edge design, high quality, maximum performance, and unmatched reliability.
  • 1-2 Poles
  • Ratings: up to 15A, 24VDC; 15A 125VAC; 10A 250VAC
  • IP66 sealing protection
  • Base accommodates up to 10 terminals
  • Available as a full switch or actuator only

The LTIG-Series is a traditionally styled illuminated, double pole rocker switch, available in a wide range of electrical ratings, including optional sealing.

  • 1-2 Poles
  • Ratings: up to 26A, 250VAC
  • Wide variety of actuators, illuminations, terminations & mounting styles
  • Industry standard mounting hole

The C-Series is a high powered hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker ideal for high amperage and voltage applications featuring a wide range of ratings in a small, compact package.

  • 1-3 Poles
  • Ratings: 0.02-100A, up to 150VDC, 480VAC
  • Bushing or threaded insert mounting
  • Rocker or toggle style actuation

The F/G-Series toggle switches are 1 & 2 pole workhorses featuring a slow-make, slow-break contact mechanism.

  • 1-2 Poles
  • Ratings: up to 20A, 277VAC
  • Suitable for low voltage 12/24VDC
  • .500" Diameter Mounting
  • UL & CSA Certified
  • Hexboot Available

The MAAOA/215-Series is a single throw maintained or momentary toggle suitable for high temp., high powered applications, and available in brown, black, or white.
  • 1 Pole
  • Ratings: up to 20A, 125VAC
  • Phenolic material ideal for high temperatures
  • Choice of screw, .250 tab or integrated wire lead connections

The M-Series comprises a compact, space saving UL & CSA approved circuit breaker design appropriate for a variety of demanding applications.
  • 1-2 Poles
  • Ratings: 0.02-50A, up to 80VDC, 250VAC
  • Illuminated option available
  • Bushing or snap-in mounting
  • Rocker or toggle style actuation