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Standard Battery Disconnect Panels


  • Panel incorporates Carling F-Series high amperage hy-mag breakers, providing superior level of performance
  • Panels sized for maximum protection in the smallest size possible to conserve valuable cabinet space, starting with a compact 1RU x 19" rack rated up to 250amps @ 125VDC with a 50,000AIC
  • Front panel access
  • Insulator covers are standard to protect live parts once the panel is installed
  • Front panel is provided with a circuit breaker handleguard to protect from unintentional operation
  • One Rack Unit (1RU) size
  • Provides as standard, circuit breaker alarm feature to alert you of breaker trip or OFF position
  • LED indications are standard for visual monitoring
  • Voltage or current monitoring, and remote shut down options offered
  • Cable connections on quick silver plated, copper busbars that accept standard 2-hole telecom lugs from 1awg to 750 MCM sizes
  • Lugs can be mounted on either or both sides of the busbars
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UL Listed (pending)


Rack mounts to EIA standard EIA-310-D, 1-3RU, 19" or 23" panel


14 gauge galvaneel steel with powder coat finish, and bare metal ground

Voltage Ratings

125 VDC

Interrupting Capacity

50,000 amps

Alarm Feature

Std. 1 form C contact for power ON/OFF, 1 form C contact for breaker OFF/TRIPPED

Ambient Temperature

-40 C to +60 C

LED Indicators

Green lamps for power indication
Red lamp for alarm indication

Rack Mount Insulators

UL94V-0 material over all live parts

Meter Shunt Option

Non-insulated meter shunt provides 25mV at rated current

Remote Trip Breaker

Provides remote disconnect of circuit

Voltage Monitor

Panel mounted meter with display of battery voltage level

Current Monitor

Panel mounted meter with lead current display and meter shunt

Chassis Ground

Bare metal to rack mount flange & 1/4 - 20 stud to bare metal

Lug Connections

Busbars accept 2-hole std. telecom lugs up to 750 mcm cable, 1 lug-up to 250 amps; 2 lugs-up to 400 amps; 3-lugs up to 700 amps. Lugs can be mounted on either or both sides. Lugs can be through bolted on each side of the busbar, doubling lug capacity.

Lugs Required

1.75" hole spacing, 1/2" bolt lug, max. 1.75" wide



Telecommunications Equipment
Battery Disconnect

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