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Important Configurit Tips

What Configurit Does

With Carling Technologies' CONFIGURIT you can easily and automatically configure valid Carling switch and circuit breaker catalog numbers. Configurit guides you through the configuration processes, providing detailed alerts along the way to ensure proper configurations only.

When a catalog number has been completed, Configurit provides:

  • a detailed description of the part number
  • agency certifications
  • rocker images with orientations and legends for Contura and L-Series rocker switches

Configurit also allows you to:

  • enter your own comments
  • print a Configurit data sheet for that catalog number
  • save a Configurit data sheet as an HTML document.

For Carling Technologies' Sales Representatives and authorized distributors, Configurit also provides:

  • list pricing
  • a resale calculator

Recommended Browsers

Minimum recommended Browsers for PC, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5

Minimum Recommended Browsers for Macintosh: PowerPC OS 8.1 or later

For more detailed software systems requirements, please see the Configurit Software Requirements on the Main Page.

Logging On

Click on the Configurit Log On link.

Carling Technologies' Sales Representative or Authorized Carling Distributors

Enter your User Name and Password. Then click the Logon button on the left.
(If you click the Guest Logon button, you will not have access to list pricing or the resale calculator)
User names and passwords have been distributed to qualified Carling Sales Representative and Authorized Distributors. If you do not know, have not received, or have forgotten your password, please contact the Carling Technologies Web Master.

All Other Users

Click the Guest Logon button on the right.

Do not Log on twice in the same session

Once you have logged on to the on-line version of Configurit, please do not log on again under a different user name in the same session. Doing so may render unpredictable results. If you need to log on again (say, for example, you logged on as "guest" when you meant to log on as a Rep or Distributor), please quit or exit your browser and then go to the Configurit site again.

It May Take a Moment

Because data must be downloaded when initialized, it may take Configurit a minute or two to open, during which time the screen will be blank. Please be patient. Contrary to popular belief, random clicking of the mouse during this time will not speed up the process, and it could even confuse it.

Configure New Part Number vs. Search by Part Number

There are two main tabs in the Configurit program.

The New Part Number Tab should be used when you don't know the precise Carling catalog number you need. It is the "scenic" route, presenting all options for the various catalog number components, and providing guiding alerts that prevent you from configuring an invalid catalog number.

The Part Number Search Tab is a "short cut" that can be used when you already know the complete Carling catalog number, and want to quickly display the data that applies to it. To successfully use the Part Number Search, you must enter a complete and accurate Carling catalog number, including all dashes and slashes in their correct positions. If you enter a partial or incorrect catalog number, Configurit will politely tell you "This part number contains one or more invalid values,"and will direct you to use the New Part Number Tab. You will also receive this message if you enter a Carling catalog number that contains an "X". The "X" indicates some type of special switch or circuit breaker construction that falls outside of Carling's standard catalog offerings.

Please Use Your Mouse

For best results when configuring a new part number, please use your mouse when making selections. The pointing hand indicates what is selectable. The tab key will not move you properly from field to field.

Scroll To See All Options

Segments within a catalog ordering scheme can have multiple options. If you see a vertical scroll bar on the right hand side of the selection box, it means there are more options to be viewed. Click on the scroll bar below the scroll button to move down a page at a time, click above it to move up a page at a time. You have seen all the options when the button is at the bottom of the bar. You can also drag the scroll button up and down, but this is a slower method that can, at times, leave visual "artifacts."

Alert: What are those strange messages?

If, while configuring a catalog number, you select an invalid combination of options, a message will appear in the alert box at the bottom of the screen. This message's purpose is to guide you by identifying the conflict and how to resolve it. Additionally, the options involved in the conflict will change color and be highlighted in the catalog ordering scheme itself. To correct the catalog number, you can click on the "offending" option within the catalog ordering scheme and make a different selection.

Alert: What are those even stranger messages?

If you leave the on-line version of Configurit open and idle for more than 30 minutes, the program will time-out. When this happens and you begin to use the program again, you may see in the alert box a "JavaScript error ", or " Exception" or the message "This part does not have any subcomponents currently. Please choose another path from the interactive menu." This is Configurit's indirect way of saying, the "program has timed-out." For the best results, when this happens, please exit or quit out of your browser, and then log back on.

Please Don't use that Back button!

While running the on-line Configurit program, please do not use your browser's "Back" button to navigate. Doing so will cause you to leave the program, and will force you to log on again and start over. Similarly, do not use Refresh button, this will also re-initiate the program, and force you to start over again.